40 years of cellular expertise

Steeped in a culture of medical practice and at the forefront of Swiss cellular science, our founder discovered cellular therapy (based on the premise that a tired or stressed cell becomes revitalised when in contact with a young cell) and crafted our fabulous history, rich in scientific and human achievements.

Scientific innovation for efficient skincare

Our cellular, botanical and marine expertise, and our latest research based on the science of microbiome have led us to create face and body products which, enriched with highly concentrated ingredients, promise revitalised, hydrated and radiant skin.

Efficiency proven by science

Clinical studies and instrumental measurements are used to evaluate the performance of a Cellcosmet skincare product to ensure the greatest objectivity possible.

Uncompromising quality and safety

Cellcosmet remains on the leading edge of innovation, forever honing and refining its expertise in a quest for superior performance and quality, reflecting Swiss-made excellence.

Ethical and environmental commitment

Guided by the principle of “Responsible Beauty”, we formulate and manufacture our products in our own laboratory, respecting the strictest standards of quality, safety and effectiveness while exercising the greatest respect for the environment and the communities we serve.

Dedicated experts for excellence

Behind our skincare products are teams of experts who devote their leading-edge knowledge, superior savoir-faire, and unwavering passion to meeting your skin’s needs.