Our experts dedicated to excellence

Behind our skincare products are teams of experts who devote their leading-edge knowledge, superior savoir-faire, and unwavering passion to meeting your skin’s needs. Our multidisciplinary teams work tirelessly to formulate exceptional skincare options designed to satisfy the requirements of every skin type. These specialists include physicians and doctorate-level authorities, engineers, formulators and technicians, with expertise in domains such as cellular and molecular biology, medicine, ingredient chemistry, formulation chemistry, formulation, cosmetic science, fragrances and processes.

Our laboratory has two divisions, each with a very specific focus and function: one is Innovation, the other is Development. The first creates our new formulas based on the most recent scientific and technological insights and latest discoveries. The second reformulates our skincare products, always meeting or surpassing exacting, rigorous specifications and standards.

The involvement of our skin specialists – with their profound understanding of dermatology and outstanding knowledge of skincare substances and techniques – provides an expert foundation for the laboratory’s research and development processes. We also rely on our in-house aptitudes in quality, industrialisation and production, enabling us to anticipate scaling-up challenges, when we move from laboratory formulation to industrialised mass production, to ensure consistency and quality across the board. There are no deadlines or time constraints imposed upon our product-formulation process. This is true for all our formulations and is unquestionably the key to our success. As an independent company, we take all the time we need to research, test, develop and improve, to ensure exceptional performance – and then have every skincare formula thoroughly evaluated by qualified individuals.

Dr Jérémie Soeur (PhD), Chief Science Officer

As Chief Science Officer, Dr Jérémie Soeur strengthens our R&D department and innovation hub, bringing his extensive experience in developing technologies and biological materials for cosmetic applications. Throughout his career, he has conducted clinical research on specific topics such as the effects of pollution on the skin. He also built solid external partnerships, including with biotech start-ups that specialise in artificial skin, and with research laboratories that address oxidative stress and pollution.

Author of 2 patents and 17 articles in international scientific publications, Dr Jérémie Soeur obtained his PhD in cellular and molecular biology at the Curie Institute (2010), at Paris 11 University. In 2011, he joined one of the world's largest cosmetics companies as a researcher. From 2015 to 2017, he has been leading the Redox Homeostasis and environmental stress laboratory. From 2017 until 2021 when he joined us, he supervised a technological innovation platform (biomaterial, bioprinting, molecular biology) created to develop new models to support research programs and cosmetic product development. He also led an international research program to analyse the impact of the exposome on skin and hair quality.

Dr Silvia Girlea, Head of Consumer Science

Dr Silvia Girlea is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and travels the globe, training new skincare experts, beauticians and medical personnel on our latest technology and practices. Her mission is to keep the network of our clients up to date with the latest ingredients and techniques. Thanks to her vast knowledge, she is also heavily involved in product development, as well as product testing and quality process.

She began her career as a medical doctor in Moldova. After a few years of medical practice, she joined a beauty institute as Chief of Facial Cosmetic Department in Bucharest, Romania. She came to Switzerland in 2009 following her passion for skincare. Her training and experience enabled her to choose from a wide variety of skincare techniques, as well as new state-of-the-art procedures. Dr Silvia Girlea joined us as International Training Manager in 2009.

Sabrina Claude, Development Laboratory Manager

Backed by her team of specialists in formulation chemistry, fragrances and processes, Sabrina Claude oversees the reformulations of our skincare products while meeting or surpassing exacting, rigorous specifications and standards. She has been with the Cellcosmet laboratory for 15 years and expertly ensures both the high procedural precision required and the superior product quality we demand, prerequisites that allow products to be adapted to the changes needed in product development.

Having earned a DUT (French two-year degree) in Chemistry from the University of Lyon, Sabrina then specialised by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetics and Formulation, along with Colorimetry, at the ITECH Lyon School of Engineering. She simultaneously gained her first professional experience as a colourist-formulator in the automotive industry. In 2004, she moved into cosmetics, starting out at a major European skincare-solutions laboratory before joining Cellcosmet in 2007. Since her arrival, she has helped ensure the track record of our skincare products’ exceptional, world-renowned performance.

Fanny Haguenauer, Innovation Laboratory Manager

At the head of the Innovation Division of our laboratory, Fanny Haguenauer develops new formulas and guides staff’s research to make major improvements to existing formulas. Following the most recent scientific and technological insights and latest discoveries, the division explores new skincare territories at the cutting edge of innovation.

After earning a DUT (French two-year degree) in Chemistry from the University of Besançon, then a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham, Fanny further honed her expertise in chemistry in the cosmetics field with a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Chemistry from the University of Montpellier, awarded in 2013. Since the start of her career, she has gained professional experience in several cosmetics realms, honing a profile that earned her a position with Cellcosmet’s research and development staff in 2017. She soon moved to management and is now responsible for keeping the brand at the forefront of cosmetic science.