The skin microbiome is composed of microorganisms and is crucial to the health and quality of your skin. External elements can disrupt the microbiome’s balance, which affects your skin’s appearance and health. To fight such skin concerns, it is essential to protect the skin microbiome.

The Microbiome Revolution

This revolution emphasises the importance of maintaining a balanced skin microbiome for healthy skin that can resist day-to-day stress. Our skincare formulas preserve the diversity of the skin microbiota, creating the best ecosystem for healthy skin.

Maintain its balance

Microbiome science has discovered that exposure to pollution alters the skin, which can lead to various skin concerns, including dark spots. Maintaining a diverse microbial flora ensures optimal immune balance and strengthens the skin’s defence capacities.

The Postbiotics Complex

Our cellular skincare formulas contain postbiotics, compounds that are beneficial to the skin. The marine-origin Postbiotic Complex boosts radiance and firmness, protects the skin from blue light and diminishes the signs of ageing.

Preserve your microbiome

Our latest-generation facial skincare formulas preserve the skin microbiome, with effectiveness that has been measured and confirmed by clinical tests. These tests assess the skin microbiome’s diversity by sequencing bacterial genetic material by PCR.