Skincare born of scientific discipline and inspiration

Cellular cosmetics first appeared in Switzerland in the 1980s on the shores of Lake Geneva, inspired by empirical medical experimentation conducted by Professor Paul Niehans, founder of cellulotherapy, in the 1930s. A long road of scientific research would nevertheless be travelled before we perfected our CellControl™ method, an exclusive cell-revitalisation technique.

The birth of cosmetic science: a passion and a revolution

Working at his father’s revitalisation clinic on the shores of Lake Geneva, our founder, Roland C. Pfister, was steeped in a culture of medical practice. There, his clinical pursuits, ever at the forefront of cellular science, led to his discovering cellular therapy (based on the premise that a tired or stressed cell becomes revitalised when in contact with a young cell) and marking the start of the remarkable history of Cellcosmet.

His boldness, conviction and vision led him to found our laboratory, Cellap Laboratoire, in 1982, where he was able to adapt this concept to the world of skincare by creating the unique and revolutionary CellControl™ method, which preserves the extraordinary powers of stabilised cellular extracts. This revolution continued when, with the support of his spouse, Edith Pfister, he introduced the brands in 1987. Together, they began to pen the extraordinary story of Cellcosmet and its lines CellEctive and Cellmen.

Their spirit still fuels the passion of our multidisciplinary teams, spurring us to new heights in revitalising skin and personalising our cosmetic formulas. A commitment that indisputably marks the history of cellular cosmetics as we provide our clients with exclusive, Swiss-made skincare lines.

Born from our latest scientific research, the new generation of our signature ingredient: CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts. These extracts stabilised with our exclusive CellControl™ method are complemented with the innovative Postbiotics Complex. Our team of researchers developed targeted products to enhance the skin-revitalising and moisturising effects of our cellular formulas, that also preserve the skin microbiome.